Dermatude Meta-Ject FX50

Meta Therapy is an acronym for Medical & Esthetical Tension Activating Therapy: a new method for skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing, and skin hydration and restoration. Meta Therapy is a therapy that can be carried out by doctor or aesthetician and presents an exclusive chance for you to offer the latest in skin enhancement in your clinic or Medi Spa. A unique treatment with fantastic results.

Meta Therapy offers the same results as Meso Therapy, Micro-Dermabrasion and Micro Needle, but combined in one technique. The great advantage of Meta Therapy is that the costs are significantly lower and there is no or hardly any recovery period because the protective film of the epidermis is not affected. Meta Therapy can be used to treat the entire face, specific facial zones, and even to tackle individual wrinkles.


Meta Therapy consists of 2 types of treatments with special serums called Subjectables. These will enable you to help relieve the most important skin problems.

Extreme Lifting Treatment

This skin rejuvenating, anti-aging and repairing treatment is recommended to treat the mature skin, faded skin, damaged skin (too much sun or solarium), post-surgical skin and smoker’s skin. The Extreme Lifting Subjectable contains vitamin A, C and E, which promote the growth of new cells (vitamin A), protect skin cells (vitamin C) and restore skin cells (vitamin E).

Active Hydra Treatment

The Meta Active Hydra Treatment has been designed for skin that is extremely affected by moisture loss or with trouble retaining moisture. This moisture retaining treatment with the Meta Active Hydra Subjectable based on hyaluronic acid helps skin maintain moisture, so that dry skin with a fine network of cracks looks radiant once more.


By using the Dermatude Meta-Ject FX 50 device and hand attachment with ultra-thin needles, you can create micro-perforations in the skin. The skin sees these practically invisible micro-perforations as skin damage and will activate its natural repair mechanism. In addition it will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin is restored from the inside out through regeneration of the skin tissue. The treatment also involves injecting active ingredients into the skin in the form of Subjectables, which enables you to carry out very specific and targeted treatments that suit the skin type and purpose of the treatment.

Meta Therapy starts with a cure of 4 weekly treatments. Afterwards, one treatment every 6 to 8 weeks is sufficient to maintain the result obtained.

Dermatude Meta-Ject FX50 Device

The treatment is done with Dermatude’s Meta-Ject FX50 device. This compact device is digitally controlled and ensures the preset frequency, as displayed on the LCD screen, remains constant despite fluctuations in the mains. The frequency can be preset from 50 to 120 Jects per second. The control panel with soft-touch keys is completely flat without edges or ridges that can trap dirt. The Dermatude Meta-Ject FX50 device is very user-friendly.

Hand Attachment

The light-weight hand attachment is very comfortable to hold. The disposable needle modules can be rotated easily into the hand attachment. The needle depth can be varied to suit the various skin zones you are treating by means of continuously variable depth adjustment.

Needle Module

The needle modules meet all safety requirements. The needle head with micro needles withdraws into the module when it is not connected to the hand attachment. The needle module is fitted with a safety membrane to prevent (body) fluids from passing from the module into the hand attachment, causing possible cross-contamination. The flexible needle module head contains 18 micro needles and adjusts to the skin to ensure perforations are equally deep everywhere.


The treatments are carried out using serums, or Subjectables as we call them. These subjectables each have their specific effect and are injected into the skin with micro needles. So in addition to the skin regenerating itself from the inside out, treatment also involves you injecting active ingredients into the skin. A double treatment with fantastic results.

Contrary to treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, IPL, laser or chemical peelings that affect the protective function of the epidermis, which means the client must stay out of the sun for weeks or even months afterwards, Meta Therapy does not affect the skin’s protective barrier. Therefore, specific after-care is not needed.

After treatment the skin may show some redness, but this will reduce in a matter of hours. The client can even wear make-up the next day. For an optimal result we recommend using creams that have been specially designed for the treatment. Dermatude has creams with the same ingredients as the Subjectables that support and prolong the result of the treatment.

Dermatude Extreme Lifting Complex

This day and night cream with vitamin A, C and E has a positive effect on the cell structure, protects cells and stimulates cell regeneration, giving the skin a healthy and fresh appearance.

Dermatude Active Hydra Booster

Dry to extremely dry skin will benefit greatly from the powerful moisture-retaining qualities of hyaluronic acid, which is this cream’s main active ingredient. Perfect for use as a day and night cream.

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