Woman Essentials

Research & Development – Cutting Edge Cosmetic Expertise Applied to Gynaecology

Working with researchers from the CNR’s (French National Centre of Scientific Research) in Orleans, we decided to introduce a highly original research programme combining various areas of expertise : dermo-cosmetics, gynaecology and biotecnologies.

We wanted to further our understanding of the physiogical mechanisms of a woman’s feminity to design products capable of enhancing every aspect of this intimat area.

We have placed science at the service of absolute feminity: sensual textures, exclusive ingredients from all over the world and extremely high standards for the first French intimate beauty brand.

Products : The Simplicity & Refinement

Our Formulations required hundreds of trials to achieve what, at first glance, seemed impossible: creating high-performance personal care and hygiene products with extremely stringent tolerance restrictions and ultra-sensual texures.

Each formula has been designed to gently enhance this particularly fragile area. Every active ingredient has been selected and dosed with extreme precision to reinforce its effectiveness and create a perfect affinity with the body’s mmost intimate flora.

WOMAN ESSENTIALS: the 1st brand in world to accompany women through every stage of their lives. Its products are designed to meet all their daily needs, with HYGIENE, BEAUTY and PLEASURE ESSENTIALS.

Our Commitment : Excellence and Security

All our products are made in France in accordance to the highest standards of the cosmetic industry.

A perfect mastery of dosage of the main active ingredients guarantee high efficacy and perfect gynarcological innocuousness, while making each formula a unique experience of pleasure and sensoriality with optimal safety.

The range was tested by dermatologists and gynaecologists using strict clinical protocols. They comply with cosmestics regulations as well as European regulations for medical devices (a limited list of ingredients, tolerance protocals and renforced prodution standards).