Aesthetic Equipment Janus Feature

Aesthetic Equipment Janus Features

Here's all the skin concerns of the customer

  • It analyzes 12 skin problems including pores, wrinkles + palm wrinkles, elasticity, tuxedo, color immersion (fluorescent/UV), skin tone, red tide, parchment + porphyrin, and moisture.
  • For the first time in the world, skin elasticity and nasolabial fold are analyzed through images.
  • You can see your current skin condition at a glance compared to your age group.
  • Based on the skin concerns analyzed, we recommend customized products (product registration is possible)

Trusted Skin Measurement System

  • Set up and measure the face divided by 10 areas. 
  • The same area is always maintained in relation to the first set area and is calibrated so that each shot can be measured with the same picture.
  • Data reproducibility studies are constantly being conducted and an optimal system is created to identify skin changes.
Aesthetic Equipment Janus Features 4

Customized Services For The Smart Area

Aesthetic Equipment Janus Features Mobile Apps
  • It delivers customer analysis results using mobile apps using cloud services.
  • Customized service is provided using Big Data & Deep Learning technology.

Just Think About The Skin Of Your Customers

  • Maintain the best analytics environment by providing automatic program updates.
  • Support for multiple languages (12) is available for consultation with customers from different nationalities. 
  • You can effectively counsel by providing UI based on years of user experience.(*Internet connection required)
Aesthetic Equipment Janus Features Multiple Languages

Ensures the highest quality for advanced users.

  • It uses 3 superb spectral flash light sources to provide optimized images for analysis.
  • The program that is performed alibration can measure the actual size and length of the face.
  • It provides high-resolution images taken with the most recognized DSLR camera.
  • It uses a brightness retainer using professional shooting techniques.
Aesthetic Equipment Janus Features 3 Superb Spectral Flashlight
Aesthetic Equipment Janus Features DSLR Camera