We have designed an innovative beauty program for you, which offers you visible
and lasting results in a short time, at any age and with any skin type.


PRX-Therapy begins with the application, by your trusted aesthetic practitioner,
of a product - distributed all over the world - result of extensive research and
protected by an international patent. Through a gentle massage, without injection,
the therapist encourages the active ingredients onto the skin. Immediately, you will
feel more beautiful, with a fresher, brighter, regenerated complexion, thanks to this
deep stimulation.


At home continue the after-care program with our PRX-Therapy box every day.
Hydrate the skin with WiQo Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin,
a rich and soft emulsion, which gives the skin all the substances it needs,
preventing it from dehydrating throughout the day.


The final and indispensable touch of this extraordinary beauty program is
entrusted to the WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid: by lowering the skin’s pH,
it continues the stimulation process day after day. This is the third "secret"
to your lasting rejuvenation program.


Do you want to see yourself immediately more beautiful? Looking forward to a special date? PRX-Therapy is your best ally, because it is also a treatment with an “instant effect”, which visibly, gives you a fresher and brighter skin. Precisely for this characteristic, the revolutionary PRX-Therapy is among the favorites of many protagonists of the entertainment world, both women and men.


The treatment works by stimulating skin renewal in a natural way. The immediate effects,
visible after the first application, are due to the deep hydration induced by the active
ingredients. To stabilize them over time and obtain a prolongation of beauty with a true
rejuvenating effect, it is sufficient to carry out a cycle of sessions by your therapist and
then continue the home treatment consistently, using WiQo high quality cosmeceuticals:
WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid and WiQo Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin.

Ask your trusted aesthetic doctor immediately about the PRX-Therapy treatment, and
then take your precious box with WiQo products home.