Revok50 Training Led By Dr Sophia Yuhanis

Excitement Revok50 Training Workshop at Klinik Dr Sophia Y.

Revok50 – Intensive Biostimulation HA + A.As = Hydrating – Filling – Antiaging  

A unique formulation consists of stabilized hyaluronic acid with a uniform double chain length of 2,200 KD and amino acids (L-proline, L-hydroxyproline, glycine and L-lysine HCl).  

Restores elasticity and firmness to the skin thanks to the extremely high concentration of hyaluronic acid and the synergistic action of its biologically active eutrophic ingredients.

revok50 training dr sophia yuhanis
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Revok50 Training - The Next Generation Skin Booster

What is REVOK50 Skin Booster and how does it work? 

Revok50 is a certified Class III medical item designed for intradermal injections. It comes as a sterile gel and contains stabilized hyaluronic acid with a consistent double chain length of 2,200 kDa, along with amino acids like L-hydroxyproline, glycine, and L-lysine HCI.  Ideal for promoting collagen synthesis through fibroblast stimulation and for maintaining the extracellular matrix to give you a revitalized, renewed, and youthful appearance! #revoktraining #revoktrainingbyDrSophiaY

Revitalize. Rehydrate. Regenerate. Repair.  

With its high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid and collagen precursor amino acid, the Revok50 is the latest generation of skin booster. What makes this formulation revolutionary is that its concentration is 2.5x higher than any other product on the market.

Why Revok50?   

It stabilizes the electrolyte equilibrium of the extracellular matrix and improves the biochemical processes occurring within it. It slows down cellular apoptosis and the aging of tissues. It offers anti-inflammatory and restorative effects on connective tissues. Its higher molecular weight makes it less vulnerable to endogenous hyaluronidase, leading to prolonged treatment outcomes.