Skincare : First Ever iS Clinical Advanced Seminar 2022

Skincare : First Ever iS Clinical Advanced Seminar 2022

Such a spectacular event! iS CLINICAL ADVANCED SEMINAR was held at Four Season Kuala Lumpur, attended by over 120 passionate doctors, aestheticians and clinic owners from across Malaysia to empower attendees with more knowledge and patients’ experiences sharing from recognised international speakers about the Top Medical Grade Skincare Brand , iS CLINICAL. . 

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Skincare Information : iS Clinical Top Medical Grade Skincare

The iS Clinical product line is unique in that it uses ingredients of only the highest quality and purity. The raw materials are botanically based and pharmaceutical grade, and do not contain fillers, toxic metals, or impurities. 


INNOVATIVE SKINCARE products have been formulated to work synergistically to promote overall skin health. This means that when we select a regime for clients we can be assured that the INNOVATIVE SKINCARE products are going to layer beautifully, work together and achieve maximum results. 

We ensure this synergy in several ways when developing our products. First by using natural, botanically based products whenever possible. Ingredients sourced from plants are more easily accepted by the skin’s cell receptors allowing them to work more effectively and gently.

Secondly, we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available in each of our formulations. These ingredients are called “pharmaceutical grade” rather than cosmetic grade because they meet strict standards of purity and efficacy. 

Finally, we conduct rigorous testing on each formula, to ensure that the ingredients work together to produce results without irritation and integrate seamlessly into the INNOVATIVE SKINCARE product line and skincare regimes. The result is a product line that you can feel confident creating complete regimes from to address all skin concerns and all skin types.

iS Clinical Skin Regimen

Skin ageing is inevitable, but it is important to treat both above & below the surface to delay the onset of ageing.
Acne is a skin condition which can be caused by many factors including genetics, stress, hormones, environment, heavy / oily makeup and diet.

Rosacea is a widespread but misunderstood condition relating to the hyper-responsiveness of the blood vessels in the central face.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition in which the darkening of the skin occurs due to an increase in melanin production.

Cancer Wellness Post cancer treatment, skin can be prone to all kinds of issues – such as dryness, inflammation and sensitivity.


By selecting products from each of these four categories, you can create a complete regime that safely and rapidly produces desired improvement in your skin. iS Clinical offers basic regimes that address the most common dermatological conditions. 

For professional we offer a series of advanced regimes that enables you to customize a skincare program that further addresses specific concern.

iS Clinical Formulations

95-98% Botanical Nature knows best and we harness the power of botanicals to provide the most effective outcomes

Multi – Tasking All formulations are multi-tasking meaning your skin health needs are targeted & addressed with less products

Pharma Grade Pharma grade quality ingredients

Pregnancy Safe Non – Systemic which means that they are completely safe to be used during pregnancy and breast feeding

Results Driven All formulations are results driven with active ingredients at therapeutic dosages

A-List Favourite Loved by A listers and clinical practitioners alike

Clinically Proven Clinical studies have been done on the final formulations to show their efficacy & deliver what we promise

iS Clinical Skincare Award

iS Clinical are honored to announce that Cleansing Complex has been named as one of the best cleansers in the  @harpersbazaarus  2021 Anti-Aging Awards!  #HarpersBazaar #AntiAgingAwards #iSCLINICAL #BestSkincareProducts

Allure 2022 Best of Beauty Skin Award for iS Clinical Active Peel System!  Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture in two simple steps with our award-winning treatment.

Cleansing Complex has been selected as the highly commended cult classic cleanser as part of the 2023 Marie Claire US Skin Awards! 💙  #iSCLINICAL #CleansingComplex