SkinGenuity Accelerator (and serum )are a powerful duo which contains highly concentrated Recombinant Growth Factors which have been clinically proven to skin aging. Providing 8 targeted growth factors with additional ingredients, which are highly anti-inflammatory to help improve skin aging. The growth factors are nano-encapsulated to ensure that they penetrate the skin easily.

The Accelerator optimises the effect of the Serum, by delivering additional growth factors and peptides as well as sealing in the growth factors so that they have more of a chance of being effective.

After the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Serum has dried apply 2-3 pumps of the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Accelerator to the face. This will enhance the effect of the serum, allowing the ingredients to be absorbed and become more effective.

1) Targets lines and wrinkles 

2) Firms and improves skin texture 

3) Significantly improve signs of ageing

Deionized Water, Poly GF-8, proprietary blend of 8 synthetic human growth factors, 6 powerful antioxidants to help minimise the damage caused by free radicals on the skin, 8 moisturisers and humectants that help improve the hydration of the skin and Retinol to help strengthen the skin and minimise wrinkles.