The Regenerative PolyGF Serum and Accelerator from SkinGenuity replaces the cells that the body can no longer provide, targeting the signs of ageing. SkinGenuity Regenerative PolyGF Serum contains Growth Factors, peptides and protective antioxidants. It is a serum which optimises the regeneration of new skin cells, fights signs of ageing and helps to enhance the skin’s ability to restore its youthful look.

SkinGenuity uses a targeted delivery system to optimise the penetration of active ingredients. Apply 2-3 pumps of the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Serum to the face morning and night.

1) Targets lines & wrinkles 

2) Firms and improves skin texture 

3) Significantly improve signs of ageing 

4) Contains Growth Factors, peptides and protective antioxidants

Deionized Water, Poly GF-8, proprietary blend of 8 synthetic human growth factors, powerful antioxidants and plant extracts to help minimise the damage caused by free radicals on the skin and moisturisers and humectants that help improve the hydration of the skin.