WiQo Workshop Facing Lifting with TCA
by Deborah Subissati, Aesthetic Cosmetology Consultant.

Such an informative and engaging WiQo Workshop! Facing Lifting with TCA workshop by a spectacular Aesthetic Cosmetology Consultant, Deborah Subissati at Redo Marketing Sdn Bhd, attended by over passionate doctors, aestheticians and clinic owners to empower attendees with more knowledge about WiQo Cosmeceuticals PRX-T33. Stay on the last part of video for factual and explanatory Q&A session about WiQo Cosmeceuticals PRX-T33.

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PRX-T33 is a biorevitalizing treatment that relies on trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and hydrogen peroxide. The treatment restores skin density, boosts complexion radiance, and improves skin quality.

What are the advantages of PRX-T33? 

PRX-T33 is a noninvasive treatment. It provides non-ablative chemical stimulation. That means that it doesn’t damage the upper layer of the skin. It is a completely painless treatment.  

This treatment can also be performed as a complement to other treatments to optimize results.  

PRX-T33 is not photosensitizing and can be performed in any season and on suntanned skin.  

Results are immediate.   

It causes no bruising or redness. Patients can resume daily activities with no signs of having undergone a cosmetic treatment.  

 What does a PRX-T33 session involve? 

The first step in this biorevitalizing treatment is to cleanse and dry the skin on the area to be treated. PRX-T33 is applied to skin with a gentle massage until the product is completely absorbed. 2 to 4 layers are applied consecutively. Skin is then cleaned and rinsed with an absorbent pad saturated with water, after which a nourishing moisturizer is applied.  

In the days following the session, a moisturizer must be applied to the areas treated, 2 to 3 times daily to optimize the effects of PRX-T33. A biorevitalization peeling session lasts about 30 minutes.  


The treatment delivers instant radiance! Skin is plumper, softer, and more luminous. This is an ideal treatment before a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday party, or christening. To achieve optimal results, several biorevitalization peeling sessions are often necessary. The number of sessions varies according to which part of the body is treated (face, décolleté, etc.) and the skin’s initial state.   

For the face, 1 to 5 sessions are recommended at 14-day intervals. At the first appointment, the physician will determine how many sessions are needed, depending on your needs and, above all, your skin.