Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Supplement

An Answer to all your skin concerns. Skin lightening, Anti- Aging, Anti- Acne, Internal SPF.  

Yllume uses an exclusive, patented proprietary ingredient called PhytoflORAL® consisting of colourless carotenoids for internal skin lightening and brightening.  

Colourless Carotenoids present in Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex naturally increases the body’s own levels of glutathione. Colourless carotenoids are naturally found in the topmost layers of the skin at a level of 38%, those deficient in these carotenoids show signs of hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, acne and dry skin. Yllume is the only complete skin care system to contain these carotenoids and can address these issues via a unique approach, delivering unique lightening actives both topically and internally at a cellular level.  

The role of glutathione as a skin whitening agent has grown due to a side effect used by Parkinson’s and cancer patients who took it intravenously albeit the results were slight and temporary. Glutathione as a ‘master antioxidant’ when low in the body does affect melanin and the skin appears darker, therefore increasing glutathione is essential in whitening the skin. However, one cannot physically take Glutathione in either a supplement or Intravenous route to reap its benefits, just like one cannot apply collagen to the skin to reap its benefits. We need to consume collagen producing actives that increases collagen naturally, as the collagen molecules are far too large to penetrate and do the job it’s supposed to. Similarly, Glutathione cannot be consumed to do the job it’s expected, one needs to take actives that increases glutathione levels naturally to reap its full benefits like Yllume. Moreover, Glutathione when taken orally is hydrolyzed by the intestinal tract resulting in very low to no bioavailability, it breaks down in the stomach rendering it useless.  

Yllume is the only skin lightening system which if used over a long period of time is better for the health of the skin, unlike common lightening systems which if used f

PhytoflORAL Yllume White Tomato (Colourless Carotenoid 800mg * Pomegranate Extract (90% Ellagic Acid) 50mg * Vitamin C 100mg * N-Acetyl Cysteine 50mg * Bioprene 10mg *

1) For even, smoother, brighter, and glowing complexion

2) Replenishes skin’s defenses

3) Hydrates and moisturizes skin

4) Fights premature ageing

5) Reduces hyperpigmentation

6) Defends and soothes skin against UV damage at a cellular level

7) Restores the skin’s texture

8) Boosts collagen

9) Increases body’s Glutathione levels naturally

10) Prevents DNA damage

11) Anti-Inflammatory

12) Protects and enhances the efficacy of other active ingredients and their activity

13) Provides 4000 ORAC points (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)

Yllume recommends taking 1 capsule every day before breakfast with large glass of water. Use the product as recommended.  

For best results: Use Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Supplement together with Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cleanser, Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Tonic Mist, Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cream and Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Mask.  

Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Supplement is not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. As with other supplements, seek professional advice before using if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from food allergies.